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Madame Alexander Dolls - Care and Repair

To maintain the best care for your Madame Alexander treasure, it is best to encase your doll upright on a stand whenever possible. Laying the doll for extended periods of time affects the blinking ability of the eyes. Also, do not store your doll in a damp area and avoid direct sunlight and severe heat.

A bit of ivory soap and a soft cloth rag can be used to wash/clean hard plastic and vinyl body parts. The same soap, but with a toothbrush, can be used to brush away the dirt gathered on a cloth body.

Clothing must be washed by hand in a basin of warm water, Woolite, and a bit of Era. Never scrub the clothes, rather squeeze or knead until the soil comes out. Rinse in warm water. After washing, do not wring, but squeeze excess water out. To dry, attach the outfit to a hanger with safety pins at the shoulder seams. Press with warm iron.

Keep clothes and hair dust free with a damp cloth.

Do not submerge dolls in water.

If the doll gets marked up, immediately after the action, use some ivory soap and a bit of Era or Woolite and wash the mark off right away.

When hair curls straighten or flatten, the doll owner may take some steps at home to fix them. Gather small portions of the hair, wrap one by one, around either a small finger or the end of a rat tail comb, secure the curl with a clip, and then pull finger or comb out. Spray the curls with a bit of hair spray and let the curls sit overnight. Cover the doll face when spraying. The next day, remove the clips and gently open the curls a bit with fingertips.

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